Dhaka University Friends Alliance (DUFA). Session 1995-96

Be together for betterment.

The DUFA 95-96 is the association of undergraduate students of the Dhaka University, Bangladesh whose session was 95-96. DUFA95-96 is an unique and bigger platform where we can get to know our fellow mates who joined the university together, left the university together, but can never forget each other. During our golden days of university life, we were well connected with our class mates and hall mates who were, of course, limited in number from different Departments and Faculties.

The DUFA 95-96 organization gives us the opportunity to find and learn more about our old friends, to exchange our ideas and views, to share our joys and sorrows, to get closer to one another, and to widen our network. This is a voluntary and non-political organization.