Membership Enrollment Process:

To enroll as a Member of DUFA, the following process has to follow:

  1. Sign-up to the DUFA website
  2. Fill-up the Application Form for Membership
  3. Fees/Payment can be paid online through DUFA’s designated payment channels
  4. Download the Application Form (PDF)

Upon┬áreceiving the complete documents, the membership department of DUFA will check the documents for verification. After initial verification, the application will be reviewed by the DUFA’s Membership Approval Committee. It will then go to the DUFA Executive Committee for approval.

Fee Structure:

The current fee structure for DUFA membership are as follows (as per the respective clauses of DUFA MoA):

Category Fee Amount
Member RegistrationTaka 1,000
Yearly DUFA ImprovementTaka 3,000